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“It Chooses You” a book by Miranda July


“But together or alone, we were still embedded in a kaleidoscope, ruthlessly varied and continuous, until the end of the end.”

I opened this book not knowing what to expect. Really, I had been trying to finish the sixth Harry Potter book for maybe the hundredth time, and for some reason I just couldn’t. All I would do was stop and watch Skins for hours. But I wanted to finish a book and have it mean something and feel like I could create. I finished the book, and it didn’t take a week or even days. I just sat in the recliner on Sunday morning and read it through. And by the end, I was in love with Miranda, but I was in love with people and getting to know them just as people and not as bloggers or actors or artists or singers. Just regular people who were interesting, who were part of this kaleidoscope life. I loved it.

After I felt the need to watch “The Future” the film Miranda had been writing when she started The Pennysaver Project. I felt it was necessary. The film was as perfect as the book. They both had the same tone, and it was as if the book was the film, the film was the book. And that’s intriguing because it’s not as if they’re the same story. It’s all very inspired.

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Well hi! I’m Akosua and I have a blog called “Say Anything; recently I decided I wanted to create something filled with contributions but also with a more creative side. Originally I planned to make a zine, but I had some uncertainties and also wanted this to be accessible. This blog is taking baby steps so I’m trying for a a weekly post, and then if I receive more contributions then that might change. I hope this works out and I hope you like it!

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